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The year I taught a combined grade 1 and 2 was so rewarding for me as I documented the progress and learning of the class and in particular a few students who were struggling. There were doubts when colleagues saw the room set up with centres such as blocks, reading, art studio and a doll house (for grade 2’s!). Then there were questioning parents at the end of September asking, “When is my child going to learn?” The month of September was just community building and learning the independence of centres in the afternoon after a morning of literacy and math. Of course there were times for direct teaching and group lessons around Science and Social Studies, but they were brief. Appropriate for the age group. Then the students were able to apply their learning and questioning during centre time. They were accountable by having a plan of what they wanted to work on – such as building bridges in the block centre or depicting the energy of the sun in the art studio. At the end of the day we would gather on the carpet and students had time to share what they created or discovered. I would record their findings on large paper – the “knowledge building” session – and we would decide to add resources to our Inquiry Board for other students to learn from.

I put the findings from the documentation together in an article – it was published last year in The Canadian Association for Young Children journal (Fall 2013). I am attaching the PDF version as I think it provides a good example of the process from September to June. It is also demonstrates how centres in a Primary classroom allow for differentiated learning and the Hundred Languages. Board_CCFall2013


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In a Grade 1 and 2 classroom, children are more selective about where they sit and what they do. I have noticed this difference coming from a Kindergarten classroom, where many children just talk to whoever happens to be sitting beside them. To encourage collaboration as well as support our theme of inquiry regarding hope, textiles, and communities around the globe – I brought in a make-shift loom. The children had shown an interest in weaving after seeing a demonstration at a museum during a class trip. This loom is set in the centre of the classroom, not a corner. It is placed on a table with two chairs intentionally placed on either side as an invitation.

It is interesting to observe the unlikely partnerships that have collaborated together at the loom. Without instruction, they have slowed down to collaborate and weave using one shared piece of fabric.

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